Adventures Of Bob: Release and Progress Update

2008-11-25 21:47:17 by KyleJazzer

Well i am getting close to finishing all the animation for the first chapter! as for the sound i believe it will be very easy seeming as bob is in a shower room the whole time it will be very easy to do the background sound (a shower sound on loop) All that i will have to do now is get jazzer to record bobs voice and i will be doing robots voice, We should be able to get all that recording done in an afternoon and then it is just a matter of putting the voices into flash making sure the lip syncing is good enough and then it will be good for submitting on Newgrounds.

So when looking at it that way i don't have much left to do, I am going to try and get the animation done tonight, or tomorrow night and then i will be sending Jazzer his lines so if all goes as planned expect the first Chapter to be up by the end of the week!


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