Entry #1

The Adventures of Bob, Robot and the Taking Banana: Chapter One

2008-11-23 00:38:24 by KyleJazzer

Well i have recently starting working on this series and seeming as i have only put in about 2 good days worth of work into it, i think i have achieved a lot. I have animated about 1-2 minutes worth and it is looking pretty good so far, however i have sort of hit a brick wall with what i can work on seeming as the script is not completely finished.

I am just waiting to talk to Jazzer about the ending on the first chapter, and although we do not think that this is going to be the greatest episode we will ever make we still want it to be able to interest people into watching are next movie. As for a finishing date i do not think i can provide one, mainly because i don't know when the final script write is going to be ( it could be tonight, or it could be two weeks from now! Jazzer is really hard to get in contact with when you don't have any credit)

As the finishing date gets closer i will release some screen shots but other then that the next time i will write in here is after the release of the first chapter.


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